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Be creative and create any type of marketplace

Whether you are looking for a website for your Real Estate firm, a buy-and-sell preloved goods website or a marketplace for secondhand cars, we have built the solution for you. With our management tools and custom fields, you can create the perfect marketplace for you..

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Go global.

Accept payments from anywhere.

In a few easy steps, you can set up any of our 14 payment gateways. No matter where your customers are, we are sure we have the best payment method for them.

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Endless designs

First impressions are important. Therefore, we’ve created 14 themes to fit your project’s requirements, and they’re all mobile friendly! Modify any color, text or image, choose widgets and sidebars. Create anything you can imagine!

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Mobile Apps.

Add value to your marketplace by having a native iOS and Android App. Each one created to reach your customer audience, no matter what device they are using.

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Entrepreneurs and business owners love Yclas

“First of all, it's great that we could set up our page so quickly and painlessly. We didn't have time to develop a whole new site from scratch. It takes a lot of time and a lot of funds.”
“Hiring devs, designers, thinking of all the features and safety issues is a nightmare, we've been through this before. Besides, why should we reinvent the wheel if it's already there? We decided to work in MVP (minimum viable product) mode.”
“Yclas allowed us to jump straight into the marketing phase instead of wasting our resources on the development. And you did provide us with all the necessary tools, gave enough space to set up the whole page exactly the way we imagined.”
“Pricing is also fair. Basically, Yclas is the ultimate solution for new startups who want to give it a try.”

Mateusz Saniewski
CEO, a free deals
“Yclas helped us create an amazing solution that provides students at our school with an opportunity to connect with each other for a whole variety of reasons that will help better their student experience.”
“We wanted to create a way for students to connect with their peers at Laurier to buy, sell, or trade textbooks, furniture, services, and more. Our graduate student population is small so our campus doesn’t have childcare, textbook buy back, or housing services for graduate students.”
“That is why we wanted to create GradLink using Yclas. We wrote down our vision for the site and Yclas was able to work with us to create exactly what we had imagined.”
“They were really receptive to the feedback we had during the project and we are so happy to launch this awesome site for students to use for years to come.”
Amanda Kholer
AVP Marketing, WLUGSA

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