2checkout integration + new stuff!


We got a new payment gateway available for your website. 2checkout

With this new payment integration we have in total 6 payment gateways available for you: Paypal, 2checkout, Stripe, Authorize, Paymill and Bitcoin.

You can register on 2checkout for free here.

Other new stuff!

Mark orders as paid

From now on admin and moderators can mark orders as paid. This means that if there is an unpaid order, but your client has paid you for example by bank transfer, now you are able to mark that order as paid.

The order will be marked as paid with pay method cash and the ad will be featured, back to top or whatever the order was about ;)

Really handy tool for those who accept cash or transfer payments. In case you want to feature an ad for free you just need to mark the order as paid, then edit the order and change the amount to 0.

Change category and location

Your clients now are able to change category and location of their ads. 

If the new category is a paid category they will get redirected to the checkout page and the ad will be unpublished until they pay.


You have available a new email to notify ad is about to expire 2 days before it actually happens ;)
Also a few weeks ago we have a new notifications, making you aware of contacts in the user menu.
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