48 Investments in Classifieds Businesses in 2014 [Infographic]

  • 05-01-2015
Building a classifieds website is not rocket science but when done correctly it could be turned into a cash cow and it might be the way you secure your future. Of course it all starts with an idea, but an idea without taking action will not take you anywhere and will not make you any benefits, this is why we always encourage our users to be aggressive and to back their ideas till they turn them into success. 

Today, and after one year of keeping an eye on classifieds businesses I am bringing you all of the classifieds investments done in 2014 that we were able to know of. This was done after a long research and the data took a considerable amount of time to gather and organize. In short, I can tell you that there was a lot of money put into classifieds online businesses and I was surprised when I looked at the numbers.
list of investments in classifieds businesses 2014

Almost 3 billion dollars invested

In this infographic you will find that the total amount of money invested in online classifieds businesses is around $2,806 million US dollars which is a very large sum of money to be put into business, and this sum would not have been invested if there was not a clear vision that the industry is improving and moving forward. 

Those three billion dollars represent all the money that were put into investment, mergers, expansion or capital increase of a classifieds online business, some of the websites are more than 5 years old while others are almost 1 year old. 

Remember that with Yclas you can start your own classifieds website and get it to the successful vision that you have. And after presenting the infographic to you I will be adding some of the highlights that I took from the research and some recommendation for your classifieds online business. 

We have organized all the data we gathered into one infographic which you can see below, you can click on the image below to get a full view of the infographic on investments in classifieds businesses in 2014:
infographic all investments in classifieds online businesses in 2014
The infographic lists all investments in classifieds online businesses we were able to find that happened during the year 2014, we may have missed a few but we tried our best to get them all and organize theme into this infographic. 

Each listing has the website name, logo, investment amount, operating location, language and some other details about the deal that was done. We have also included some highlights that we found within the collected data. 

The data was gathered through screening articles posted online, checking company websites, blogs, and their investment portfolios using whatever source we can find online. A member of our team spent hours collecting the date and then it was reviewed multiple times to make sure everything is accurate, but we're still human beings :) So if you find any information that needs to be added or modified please let us know.

What stands out:

When you order continents by size or by population you will see that those two don't really affect the size of investments that were done in classifieds businesses in 2014, but you can see what matters most is the potential of success for that business. Let's take an example Wallapop which is a mobile app that managed to get an investment of more than a million dollar after less than a year from its launch, and in my belief this was most due to their high potential to dominate the Spanish market. 

We could also see that the continent with the biggest total amount of investments is Asia with 22 different investments made in classifieds online businesses amounting a total equivalent of $1,190 million dollars. This could indicate that the Asian classifieds industry is still growing and haven't reached its maturity stage yet. 

The biggest three single investments were made in the United States, China and Germany.

How do we get there?

Of course you can see that several websites mentioned in the infographics are very well known classifieds websites like Quikr, Milanuncios and many more, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been fresh online businesses as I pointed out earlier. 

And I'm sure we all want our website to be listed in this infographics by next year, so my advice would be to start taking action right now. Starting an online business is really easy nowadays with the many tools that make your life easier and makes managing your tasks a very pleasurable experience, but creating a classifieds website specifically is actually very simple now with Yclas, and I'm saying this out of my own personal experience as a person coming from a business environment into the online business world, really creating a classifieds website now can't be easier. 

But don't get me wrong, it's not all flowers and green fields, when you commit to creating the idea you have had in mind for so long it will take a good chunk of your time daily (that is if you want it to be perfect) you could face some obstacles at the beginning but you will also learn many new things that will get you on the right track. 
So the first step in getting included to that list is actually creating your site; take the first step start putting your idea into action, read, learn, enjoy and gather the fruits of your effort later.

I created my classifieds website, what's next? Get known

After picking a target market, a focus niche or just seizing the opportunity and taking the first step you will start to consider promoting your website with the right channels to get it to where it should be. 

Of course Yclas offers you the easy tool to create the website itself and build it without the need to know anything about website creation or any technical stuff. But Yclas can't promote your website for you, that is something you will have to do depending on your targeted users profiles; you may need to get in contact with some influencers or decision leaders, or you can consider doing a little bit of research and checking what kind of media your targeted users can be best influenced by and then establish some brand existence for your website in those media channels. 

The possibilities are endless but ,in short, you just need to put your classifieds online business out there in front of your users.

How can I get investors?

Through out my experience with entrepreneurs I have seen many having this fear from not getting enough money for their idea, but I was inspired when I saw an 18 year old university student pursuing her idea to the end not having that fear even though her idea needed a capital investment in millions of Euros. One year later I saw her after she had raised the needed capital, strong confident and still believing in the success of her idea. 

So the point is, it's not really that hard to get money invested in your idea as long as you really believe in it. And when you believe in your idea you can come up with an awesome elevator pitch that can make those venture capitalists speechless and might even make them believe in your idea more than you do! 

This works the same for classifieds websites, let's say you found a great market where people can trade, hire, buy and sell among each other but there is no service specifically for those people then there is your breakthrough! Go ahead and start your service, tell them about it and see how it is. 

I've seen many people who are not starting their classifieds website just because they don't know the basics of starting an online business, well there you have the tool to make your site with Yclas, and the rest is up to you. So leave all the boring, complex technical issues to our team because we love them :) and you go ahead with focusing on the more important tasks that will lead your idea to a great success. 

Here at Yclas we love reading about success and learning from both success and failure, but we also like seeing that success coming from one of our beloved users. So don't worry, we got your back! 

Please leave your opinion in the comment section below and let me hear your thoughts, suggestions or questions you may have.
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