Browse profiles and our new amazing video ;)

  • 02-12-2015

Hello Yclas friends!

Today we would like to introduce "Browse profiles" a new feature for Yclas. Users can search using custom fields and you can sort them out by most popular, newest, etc.

This opens a new way that customers can create their own marketplace, where people can see reputation of seller, further information and other items they are selling. 

You can enable this feature as your home page at Settings->General->Landing page->users. Click save and ready!

Or you can create a menu as this link example: . This will show the users profiles.

What else is new?

  • Updated bootstrap to latest version
  • Better email validation
  • Updated cookie consent
  • Updated es_ES translation
  • Improved documentation now works with https
  • Improved messaging notification
  • Improvements on yummo and jobdrop themes
  • Updated akismet

As always we are trying to explain better what kind of sites you can build with Yclas, and decided to record a new commercial video! We are very proud with it and hope you love it as we do! Here it is:

Please send your feedback via our Youtube Channel, or Facebook fan page

We are going to update our Youtube channel with videos about: "How to's", Tips, Yclas Features, Themes etc. Please subscribe to our channel to get our latest videos.


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