Connectivity issues with AT&T


Last week 2 paid clients reported having issues accessing their sites hosted at 

Was really strange since we currently host more than 2000 sites and we had no one else complaining about this sort of issues. 

We've had some issues in the past with countries within the Middle East and South Africa since the network providers were not working properly. But what is happening now is utterly strange...this clients are from USA and our servers are located in Canada. 

How is this possible?

att connectivity issues
After long talks to our clients I finally figure out what they had in common. Both are AT&T clients

All was discovered thanks to Lisa who told me that at home was working but as soon as she didn't have wireless then she could not access her site. But why? I mean they could access but not any :S both use the same server!

Everyone blames the other

We have contacted AT&T, OVH (server provider), ServerPilot (administrators), CloudFlare (DNS provider) and used few forums asking for questions...

  • AT&T did not reply to me so I created a forum post here. Seems a DNS problem from their side, they recommend using other DNS
  • Cloudflare says issue is from AT&T or OVH but not from their side.
  • ServerPilot blames to OVH
  • OVH blames to AT&T
  • Our clients blame us of course xD
  • I blame no one since I have no idea, but my guts tells me is an AT&T issue.


Don't worry I have found few solutions after non sleep working and testing loads of cases...

  1. If you are using a custom domain, start using DNS with cloudflare, seems once you add it there it works (gets different IP your site)
  2. All of our subdomains are going to be added automatically to cloudflare so you should not have this issue anymore. This is going to happen in the next 24h.
  3. If you do not want to wait you can change your DNS to the ones provided by Google, this seems to be working. 
  4. If you are still having issues, I will love for you to make a comment or contact us. We will like to run some tests.

I am truly sorry about this, it's absolutely out of our control. Hope this solutions fixes the problem and it doesn't ever happen again ;)


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