Domains pointing to yclas

Hello Yclas Friends!,

We would like to let you know that we are going to change how your domain points to our system. This only concerns you if you have a paid plan and using a custom domain.

How I change it?
  1. Login at your cloudflare account
  2. Remove the A entry that points to
  3. Create a CNAME with name "" and value ""
  4. That's all! At the end you need to have something similar to this:

Why now?
We are growing fast and having your site to point to an IP is not the best for your site's scalability. In doing this, your site will perform than it does right now.

In one month we expect to deprecate the current IP. So please make the change as soon as you can.


Please if you have any question feel free to open a support ticket here:

We will help you to make this as simple as possible!

Thanks ;)

Yclas Team
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