How to Export Users, Create New Custom Fields, and Moderate Listing in Yclas


I am writing too little here, but just that you know every week we add new stuff to your site.

Last improvements include:
  • Export your users DB directly from the panel, useful if you want to import to another platform to send emails for example
  • New custom fields for users only for admin to see. So you can create for example a field called notes, where you can write anything you want and only you would be able to see it.
  • Many new guides!
  • Improved look and feel of themes and responsiveness, thanks for the feedback
  • Fixed bug with featured plans, you couldn't remove/edit the first plan, now you can ;) 
  • Moderators can now edit an ad
  • Contact email, add a custom field called contact email to contact to different email (see guide)
Hope you enjoy it!

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