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Adding locations

Today’s Yclas post will be about locations. We will discuss what locations are, how they are useful and how to use them.

In case you want to publish advertisements with various geographical locations, it is a good idea to assign a location to the ads. This makes it possible for the users of your site to narrow down their search or simply look for advertisement in only a particular place. Do you for example have advertisements on your site which are from France, but also from Spain, it is handy that your users can look for only the ads in their prefered location.

So what we have to do first is adding locations to our website.

Step 1 - add parent locations

The first step we have to take is to add locations. We do this on our admin panel. We go to the admin panel and then to “Classififieds” → “Locations”. Here we can see that we don’t have any locations yet.

We can use the Quick Location Creator to add our first two parent locations. We will add France and Spain. Type “France” and click enter. France will be confirmed. We do the same for Spain. Then we hit the blue “Send” button.

Our just created locations will appear in the overview of locations on the left side.

Step 2 - Add siblings

Now we have our two parent categories, namely France and Spain, we want to add some siblings. Cities in our case. To do this click on the “browse” link next to the names of the locations we just created.

We will then see a similar screen as before, where we can add locations using the “Quick Location Creator”. We have added four cities to our parent location France and are shown on the left side.

We will do the same for Spain.

Step 3 - Add the location widget

We have now created the locations, but they are not visible yet on our website. In order to make them visible and browsable, we need to add the location widget to our website.

In order to do so we go to “Appearance” → “Widgets”. Here we click on the blue “create” button of the location widget.

As we want to add the widget to our sidebar, we only have to click the blue “save changes” button. The widget will be installed to the sidebar of our site.

When we go to our website we will see the two parent locations that we have just created, displayed on the sidebar.

If we then click on France we will see the locations that are nested under France. In our case that are the cities that we just assigned to France. We do however not see any advertisement listed for France. That is because we didn’t assign a location to the advertisement that we have posted before.

Step 4 - Edit location of advertisement

To add a location to our advertisement we need to go the our advertisement on the admin panel. We go to “Classifieds” → “Advertisements”. On the advertisement page we see our one and only advertisement listed. Here we click on the blue “update” button.

We then see the advertisement and that there is no location assigned yet. To add a location we click on the “edit location” button.

We select “Nice” as the location of our advertisement and press the blue “update” button on the bottom of the page.

We now go to our website and see that if we click on the location “France”, the just changed advertisement is listed under France.

In this How To we have shown how easy it is to add locations to your website and make navigation for your users easier. Using locations improves search possibilities and gives your site better navigation options.

Next week another How To for Yclas!

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