New Pricing 2017


New Year means new goals and challenges at Yclas. We are super excited to start our third year running Yclas. A lot of improvements are coming and we want to focus our resources on improving all the current features, themes and making our platform more robust.

Since we started Yclas we have been testing almost everything we want to change, for instance, features, plans, support, marketing, and pricing.

The price increase is always a tough decision for an online business. What would you think if we had the same price with fewer resources rather than increase pricing with more services and resources? You won't be happy and most of all our company wouldn't be in a stable position.

The new pricing is not designed to attack your pocket however to keep our resources and focus on new features. Just 1$ a month per plan:

  • Starter  ->From $228 to -> $240 yearly
  • Growth -> From $264 to -> $270 6 months
  • Business -> From $119 to -> $120 monthly

The story behind the price increase came in September 2016, when we needed to add more resources to our platform. In that time we hired a system admin and got 2 more dedicated servers, to offer no downtimes in your sites. Right now we guide traffic through the servers to optimize performance. As you could guess those changes cost money, a lot of money, and we started studying our new pricing plan. The original pricing we had in mind based on our costs was:

  • Starter: $228 to $250 yearly
  • Growth: $264 to $300 6 months
  • Business: $120 to $150 monthly

But after 4 months of running Yclas with the new resources, we saved a lot of time and hidden costs that allow us to not increase pricing as we decided originally. So 1$ a month added to your current plan is a big step for us to keep running Yclas.

So you don't need to touch anything, pricing and recurrent payment are automatically updated in your panel and our website.

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