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  • 26-05-2016

Have you ever wonder how many employees Yclas have? Or what kind of resources do we spend in servers? Or more specifically, how those topics can impact to the final pricing?

As Yclas is growing month over month, in the actual stage we are reinvesting all the money to the platform. How? 

  • We changed to a robust server and hired a System Admin.
  • We are adding more features.
  • We are reaching new markets offering our solution in their languages: Russian/Arabic and French.
  • We have a dedicated customer support service.
  • We added new themes. And some more coming soon!
  • We are performing our security system.

We didn't think about this before but at the same time we are growing we think all the improvements we can add in order to offer the best platform to create a marketplace.

We think that we could keep as we are and still make money but you don't deserve it and we don't want too.

For those reasons we are updating our pricing, accordingly to all the improvements and features we are going to add to you.

From now the new pricing plans will be:

  1.  STARTER: 228$/Year. This is a 20% increase, but we also added more ads, images per ad to the plan.
  2.  GROWTH: 264$/6 Month. This will be billed every 6 month. We raise ads up to 30000 and 15 images per ad.
  3.  BUSINESS: 119$/month. This will be our monthly plan. We talked with so many people who wanted a monthly/monthly plan. This is for you. Also include more ads and 30 images per ad. Awesome!

For those who are already customers don't be panic. We will keep the same price till your renewal date. So you won't be charged right now with this increment!

With this changes we are going to offer the most suitable platform to create marketplaces and classifieds sites as you deserve it.

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