New pricing plans!

  • 21-04-2015
Hello Yclas friends,

We are now 6 month alive and more than 2000 active sites, after a lot of testing and a good feedback from your mails and support tickets we have learnt many interesting things. We really appreciate your trust in our software and we want to add extra value to Yclas in order to keep growing the platform with a high quality as always.

For that reasons we are pivoting a bit our business to make it more profitable for us and to assure the quality our customers deserve. We are not looking to become millionaires but we sure we want to keep our users happy with their classifieds site built with Yclas. We know you need perform your site in good way and we have decided to change plans and bring what you deserve at the right price, more profitable and accurate for you. 

We have to announce that previous plans won't be active since today except the free plan. Will keep our free plan with only 5 ads, that will show you how you will fall in love with our platform and start create content. But we are sure a profitable classifieds business is not made with free plans, and our team has worked too hard to understand your needs and made the right plan, only thinking to and for you!

If you are a current paid customer, your plan doesn't change and you would be billed accordingly to your plan, unless you change it. If you have a trial started will work exactly the same unless you decide to change a new plan. Proud of you and for that reason we will keep your current paid plan.

Start now with Yclas and you will have 14 days Free Trial!

Hope you enjoy our new idea with us and share your feedback in our social networks. We are very happy to keep besides you!!
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