Responsive theme, share on Whatsapp renew ads and more!


New week and many new things for you to enjoy at yclas! ;)

We have improved our code base and fix some small internal bugs (not related to your site). And we have all of this this new for you!

  • Improved the processing modal when publish new ad 
  • Improved code for Facebook sharing
  • Notify all admins and moderators of new ad posted
  • Sharing buttons directly on your ads and whatsapp (no need to use a widget if you don't want to)
  • Renew ads, when an ad is expired, the client will have a button to republish the ad, if you have moderation goes to moderate ;)
  • Register, Login, Forgot password forms validation
  • Now you can not modify the role Admin
  • We have completely rewritten responsive theme, to use Bootstrap 3 works faster, more compatible and better mobile experience! you do not need to do a thing, will be all automatic.

As always we are working with all your feedback and trying our best to satify all of you. We are having a huge peak of new paid customers coming which we are super happy to help.

Thanks to all of you!
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