Say Hello To Open Classifieds new CEO

  • 15-04-2015

Hello Yclas friends,

Let me introduce to you a little bit of myself, I am Marco A. Sánchez and I am very happy to announce that I am the new CEO of as you could know the core software of Yclas.

I was involved in different business areas very soon at age of 16 and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administrations from Barcelona University and an Executive program from the prestige London School of Economics.

With more than 10 years experience working on sales enviroments and 5 years of experience in business management running my own companies, I have a wide experience in IT, software and software development companies, providing them a new vision of business with an strong analytical skill that let me to boost and grow the companies I had worked on to the top of their markets.

Before joining Open-Classifieds LTD, I was CEO and founder of Infostreetpoint a custom software developer company, Founding partner at Dealberri a telemetric solution for vending machines and Postaling.

I am very pleased to be the new CEO of Open-Classifieds, and Chema will keep continue in the company managing development and product improvement areas.

You can keep connected with me and ask me any questions at:




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