Search by Distance, Featured Ad Plans and more!

Since today we got 2 new awesome features that we have been working the last days for you to enjoy! 

One of them will help your users to search for ads next to him, and the other will help you boost your revenue :D

Search by distance

Since now you users are going to be able to locate the ads (before they could), but we are going to be storing the Longitude and Latitude.

With this information your clients are going to be able to short ads by distance to their current location. For that they only need to provide the location when asked int he browser. 

We have also improved the google maps, now appears with the icon of the category and you can switch the view from grid/list and map!

And lastly and also important, when creating locations you can add the location on g.maps of them. If you use the auto import tool the latitude and longitude should be already there ;) 

An awesome tool specially if you are using a mobile device!

How to activate It
  • Go to panel->settings->general and activate "Auto Locate Visitors" 
  • Go to panel->settings->advertisement and activae "Google Maps in Publish New" 
  • Lastly if you had ads with the address we can try to get the coords. For that go to Panel->import->Import Latitude and Longitude to current ads 

Featured ad plans

We want you to make money from your site! 

That's why we have decided to give you more flexibility on the featured ads. Now you can have different plans of featured ads. So you can have a price for 7 - 30 - 90 days or whatever you want!

Also now after publishing a new ad if you do not have moderation, goes to featured ad checkout, so there's more changes they may want to pay.

How to activate it 
  • Go to Panel->Settings->Payments Activate 
  • Then add new plans
  • Remember to have a payment method on on settings->payments

Lastly we have improved many small issues on the themes to make them look better and we had an error with Google Analytics so some of you may not see the stats from there, now should work from tomorrow on ;) , this didn't affect you personal analytic code nor you have lost any data.

Hope you keep enjoying Yclas and many more things are in our backlog and working on them!! :D
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