Service disruption 09-11-2017



On the 9th of November of 2017 we had a service interruption at 8:14 GMT +1, it was down for 2 hours, 17 minutes and 15 seconds.

This was absolutely out of our control and there was nothing else we could do in that moment.

We use OVH services since I have been relying on them since early 2004. I have never had such big outage until today.

We have a load balancer system that in case 1 server goes down another one takes care of all the traffic. Also the servers are in different datacenters precisely to avoid this issue that has happened.

We notified as soon as we could via Twitter, we could not even send a newsletter since our email provider was down also.

Note that OVH is one of the largest hosting companies in the world hosting millions of websites. So a vast internet was affected by this outage, not only our websites.

I hope this does not happen ever again or we will be forced to change the hosting provider.

Again we are sorry for this :(

Kind regards Chema Founder.

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