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Since today you can check Yclas Service Status directly from

We have created this new site/service in order to be as transparent as possible and let you know what's going on at

Wednesday 18th was tough for us... Some of your sites may have been offline for 12 minutes but many had issues showing categories or locations.

The worst part for was that the main site was down a total of 30 minutes. Also I was sick with fever and did work more than 18 hours non-stop to solve some issues...

Many tickets were opened complaining about this, as its normal. I did notify on our Twitter Account about the issue.

If this ever happens again (which I hope it won't) you can now check or our Twitter account for further information about downtimes and other server issues.

So What Happened on Wednesday 18th?

Damn a lot of things.... all together...

  • The load balancer at our provider was not working, so all front end load was towards 1 server.
  • I did a new release where we use a lot of memory to generate sitemaps, This was causing your sites to not load some categories.... and sporadic server downs.
  • The Deployment system we were using was not deleting old files , all the repo was such a mess...
  • I found a bug on our site related to cache system too
  • I was working with our sysadmin for many hours and some easy things to see... we couldn't see

Again sorry for any inconvenience caused by those small issues, that we take very seriously because reliability is important to us.

We are working right now to expand our network of servers to give even more high availability.


Chema, Founder and CTO of 

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