Upload Files to ads via Google Picker



Some days ago we introduced "Upload files to ads via Dropbox", a great way for those who want to sell digital products, like eBooks, Music, Photos, Documents etc or for those who want to create a job board and allow people to upload CVs.

Recently we decided to create SellBox a new platform where you can buy/sell your files from Dropbox. But after some days, we realized that some people ask for another platform/resources to avoid Dropbox. 

Then we decided to integrate Google Picker. It is Google Drive, but they call it Picker. So you can sell any file you have on your Drive.

Follow this steps to enable Google Picker on your platfrom

Besides Google Picker we added some other features and fix bugs we found:

  1. Missing subject field on contact form (Bug fixed)
  2. No header or footer for a single ad option (Improvement): you would really like this if you sell only one product and want a landing page for your product.
  3. Yummo UX (improvements)

Since we are reaching the end of 2016 we are still working to start New Year 2017 with the best solution to create your marketplace and classifieds site!! Enjoy!

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