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Responsive images + many new things!

Forums News Responsive images + many new things!
Chema a couple of years ago - 2016-02-13 17:06:45

Many news today ;)

  • Responsive images, we have added them to ocean theme and next weeks all themes will have responsive images, this means, that we will return smaller images to your mobile users to save them many MB in their phones for example ;)

  • Improved czsale theme

  • Hide contact page from footer

  • Whatsapp, Telegram and Skype buttons for the seller. Will appear on the users profile if they add this CF. Read more here.

  • Updated fraudlabs library

  • Fixed error when adding locations from geonames

  • Added more translations so none is missing ;)

  • Category icon on map

  • apple touch icon on themes options

soon we will have many new things coming ;)
Luke Honeychurch about a year ago - 2016-03-15 22:39:31
Only just noticed that you've now added apple touch icons! Thanks so much! :)
Chema about a year ago - 2016-03-15 23:45:01
Welcome!! ;)
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