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Martin Hedley a couple of years ago - 2015-03-08 13:58:37
How do you set what the link is. If you just type in "Hello" into the widget it will create a link, but how do you specify the link that will open, I want to do multiple links and to have them linked to different pages I have created, so the links will go to different places.

For example:

link called Hello will go to ""

link called Joe will go to ""

Exactly how do I input / word  this into the Link widget?

Cheers :)
Martin Hedley a couple of years ago - 2015-03-08 14:06:24
I have tried to do this using the Pages widget but the issue with that is, all the active pages appear on the list, and it doesn't look good as I dont want them all to appear on the list. If you then de activate the pages you don't want to appear on the list they wont, but then when someone goes onto your website who is not logged in, and clicks on a Tab that is linked to a de activated page, they get the following message:

Page Not Found

The Links widget will help me get around this if I can get it to work, I have had no issues with putting links on other areas of the website, such as in category descriptions etc, but that was simply using code.

Martin Hedley a couple of years ago - 2015-03-08 14:10:47
Done it, was the | key that was the issue. :)
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