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teampower888 a couple of years ago - 2014-11-29 13:36:48
I am running a classifieds site but I plan to move from old hosting provider to yclas platform. How should I do that? What's your advice? And also, my email address associated with the domain name. How do I make the move for my email address as well?
Chema a couple of years ago - 2014-11-29 15:16:46

You will need an email provider that works with domains. we use which is free to use and will work ;)

About moving the site, if you mean using your domain, is pretty simple, once you sign up with us using any subdomain, at your panel a button saying custom domain will appear, you follow the instructions there to point your domain to our IP address and then you are ready to go!
teampower888 a couple of years ago - 2014-11-29 19:42:49
It will be good if you can also provide email hosting just like other hosting companies do.
Chema a couple of years ago - 2014-12-10 13:48:57
Oh no we will not do that, its really complex and theres companies out there like gmail or zoho that do this much much better than we can do ;)

We are not really a hosting company, we do not provide FTP or MySQL access etc ;)
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