Free Classifieds website for schools and universities

“Go home teacher”
has a different meaning for us at Yclas. 

To us it means “Go online teacher”

All members of our team have been university students at some point (and some still are) so we value the importance of education and we would like to facilitate things for institutions that offer tutoring and education services to students. 

This is why we’re offering a free start-up plan for any university out there that has an interest in adding a job-board, a social website or a general classifieds website for students. 

We’re hoping by this offer to have an impact on how education services are being facilitated for students and it would be our great pleasure to be part of a system that we respect and cherish. 

If you’re a university interested in having a job-board or a social classifieds website for the students then you can use our contact form and send us your interest in our offer.