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It's been long time without any writing in the blog.

We've been really busy focusing in development the last 4 months. Truth to be told I didn't even remember... My bad. Sorry.

I am going to try to make this post as short as possible to update to you

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Tips to Succeed with Google Analytics


Currently, there are free web analytics tools like Google Analytics that you should use to get to know the user who visits your website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that can be used on any web page.

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Tips to Succeed with Google Adwords


Well planned and properly executed AdWords campaigns can translate into more sales, subscribers, customers, etc. This is a tool that should be considered by all those who have an internet project with low visibility, a very low percentage of sales or who

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5 Tips to Increase the Engagement


1- Give a good image of you and your business

Customers do not just follow companies, businesses or websites. They also follow the people behind such businesses. Take care of both your personal and business image; show that you are reliable by giving a

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5- Best-Selling Products on the Internet


On the Internet, we can find a wide variety of products available for people all over the world and for almost every taste. But out of all those products, what do Internet users buy the most?

Before creating a classifieds website, it is very important to

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Yclas Inc


Dear Yclas users, we have a big announcement to make:

We're no longer OpenClassifieds LTD; we change the company and now we are Yclas Inc. This simply means that we moved out from England to the United States. However, it's important to highlight that

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