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Escrow payments and 10th anniversary :D



Today we celebrate our 10 years anniversary! It has been 10 years already the first release of Yclas (formerly Open Classifieds). 

Wow, a lot has happened and I could never have imagined how far things would go.

Today we have a great announcement

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SEO Myths



Hello friends! This time we will talk about common SEO myths and why you should stop following them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the optimization of a website to improve its position on the results by search engines, but this algorithms

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How To Create A Job Board Website



¡Greetings! this week we will show you how to create a Job Board Website with YCLAS.

First log your mail and web domain at YCLAS. We will send you a confirmation email, click the confirm button or the link below it to continue, then you will receive

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Most Common eCommerce Errors



¡Greetings Yclas friends! This week we share the most common errors in eCommerce and how to avoid them.

Nowadays internet makes it easy for us to create a platform where to sell products, of course, all websites at the beginning are not perfect, and

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How To Get Quality Images For Your Website



Images are probably the most important resource on your website, and when you start your marketplace or classifieds site, you need to make it look professional, to achieve this you must use good quality images.

When you use the right images, you can make

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Ideas To Start Selling In 2019


Free Photo Sharing by ThumbSnap

Online sales keeps growing every year and can be very profitable, but, before you start, read our tips to ensure a good start.

Nowadays internet offers a great variety of tools you can use to create, and start your e-commerce, maybe you're looking to

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Tips To Select The Correct Domain + Tools!


¡Greetings Yclas Friends! This week we share a few tips and tools to choose the correct domain for you and your website.

Choosing your website's domain is as important as choosing your company's name, you'll have to select that one which work and fit on

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Tips and Ideas On CSS For Your Website!



¡Hello YCLAS friends! This week we are sharing some tips and good ideas to make your website look better using the CSS code.

It's important for you to know that the appearance of your website will determine if users and customers stay, or leave in search

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