How to Avoid the Most Common Ecommerce Website Errors

March 19th, 2022 | 4 min read


¡Greetings Yclas friends! This week we share the most common errors in eCommerce and how to avoid them.

Nowadays internet makes it easy for us to create a platform where to sell products, of course, all websites at the beginning are not perfect, and those who have more active time online maybe continue making mistakes.

The competition you'll find is very huge, but, there are common errors that many websites make on eCommerce.

Here we mention some of them.

Bad Website Design

People are getting used to buying almost everything online. The design of the website is essential because a good design will allow customers to navigate your site in an easy and fast way.

Some things you should keep in mind are to implement a responsive website, easy navigation, to allow purchases as a guest user, and short steps to checkout.

Also, the use of an old-fashioned and low-quality logo makes your website look bad, go ahead and renovate your pixelated logo, you will not regret it.

Not Knowing Your Target Customers

Another common error is not knowing your target customer or niche, which not only happens in websites but also in companies. You must think like your final customer and how he/she acts.

You have to study and create a base in terms of demographic information, behavior, and all the needs your customers have.

Bad Quality Images and Videos

This is one of the most common mistakes on eCommerce, remember that the customer can not touch or try the product, it would not be fair that the customer can not see the product either.

You must use high-quality images, and from different angles, so the customer has a close 360º visual experience of the product (e.g. clothing, it should be pictures of models posing and wearing the product).

An extra tip will be the use of full-screen zoom (as a pop-up), that's why you should have large and expandable images.

Slow Website

Here, we mention two important points: a slow website because of performance, and a slow website because of bad hosting.

When it comes to performance, problems can come from different sources such as excessive use of plugins, non-optimized images, or a problem with the template in use.

Now, if it's about bad hosting, make sure your website is hosted in a good quality host. Sometimes websites are sharing their IP, which translates into shared servers and this will make your website run very slow.

We recommend that your server be physically located in the country where you want to position your site or, you can contract services with private servers that will be dedicated to your website.

Descriptive Texts

This is a mistake that too many eCommerce sites make, we are talking about long descriptions that nobody or almost nobody will want to read to buy a product.

The descriptive text of the product will be better and will have more impact if you make it short and simple, so that customers know right away essential info and what the product is about.

Not Using Reviews

In marketing and online sales, reviews are very important. Knowing the opinions of other people who have bought the product you want, brings security and confidence.

Checking the reviews nowadays, it's a standard procedure customer made, when they are making any online purchase.

The reviews are very influential when it comes to a customer clicking on "buy".

Shipping Costs

Did you know that a large percentage of customers leave the purchase when they see the shipping prices? of course, we are not telling you to delete them completely, but, you could offer some extra affordable options which depend on the shipping time (e.g. Free shipping if you want to receive within 5 days for premium users with a low annual fee).

Product Filters

This is not so essential, but we recommend using it, this will improve the customer experience and they will quickly reach the product they want.

You can also use orientation content like wizard search.

Deleting Sold Out Products

This is a beginner's mistake on eCommerce, but a very serious one, affects both customers and SEO, If you have deleted a product on your website and someone had linked it, or Google has indexed it when a client tries to enter to this specific page again, he will get an "Error 404".

So, we recommend to do not deleting any product that has run out of stock.

Follow these tips, improve your eCommerce website and let us know if these tips have helped you.

If you know of any other common eCommerce errors, feel free to tell us

YCLAS team

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