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With Yclas you can put your complete catalogue online without any technical knowledge.

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Perfect for car dealers

Yclas is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create an online selling platform for cars. It focuses on a user friendly experience and is designed for easy usage, so it is suitable for everyone. No knowledge needed regarding website building.

Quick and easy to set up

Within a few minutes minutes you can create your own marketplace website using one of the predefined themes for a car website. Our script comes with all the standard features that you can think of and, next to that, you will have customized features related to cars available as well.


For who is it?

Launch a marketplace for secondhand cars. Yclas offers the solution.

Car dealers

Are you a car dealer who is looking for possibilities to expand your business? Do you want to put your business online, but don’t have the expertise to fully develop your own website?

Then Yclas is the perfect product for you. With Yclas you can easily create a marketplace website and present your complete catalogue online.

Online advertisers

Online advertisers who want to create an online selling platform for cars have great possibilities using Yclas. It is very easy to start with and the customized themes for cars allow you to create a marketplace car website in the blink of an eye.

If you for example want to give people the chance to advertise their car on a local second-hand car website, yclas is a great script to do this with.

See the demo

Before getting started, try a car dealer demo and see how it feels like.

See car dealer templates

We've developed templates with the specific needs of car dealers. Go check them out and see if one of them fits your needs.

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More features

Getting excited with Yclas? You can create almost any type of marketplace! See here the list of features that Yclas offers you and that will turn your project into a real business.

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Before getting started, we recommend you to have a look at our demo, change themes, create ads, and test the features. You will not be disappointed!

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