Yclas Self-Hosted

You are a sysadmin, and you want to host Yclas on a server of your choosing? In that case, Yclas Self-Hosted is the perfect solution for you.

Own web server

Use your own server or your current web hosting if you have one. Yclas only requires PHP 7 Apache and MySQL to run.

Total control

You have complete control over your server data and the installation of Yclas. You are also responsible for the software to work correctly.

You’re the pro

You can modify anything because you have the source code of the software. You are the PRO!

The code is in your hands

Yclas Self-Hosted Lite is a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) available in GitHub, and Self-Hosted Pro is an Open Source.




For any no. of domains

  • Open Source
  • Use your own server
  • Basic marketplace management



For 1 domain

  • Everything in LITE, plus:
  • Pro features
  • 15 Pro templates. Demo
  • 1 year support
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • 1 year updates
  • Lifetime Pro license
Self-Hosted Changelog

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Compare Yclas Self-hosted Lite Vs. Pro




Open Source
Use your own server
Basic marketplace management
15 Pro templates. Demo
15 payment gateways
Stripe marketplace
Escrow marketplace
Social login
Custom fields
User custom fields
Stock control
Geo-locate users
Advanced newsletter
Interactive map
Import tools
Live translation
API enabled
Any new theme developed

Compare Yclas Cloud Vs. Self-hosted Pro


Yclas Cloud

Yclas Self-hosted Pro

All Pro Themes
All Pro Features
No technical knowledge needed
Support 24/7
Automatic Backups
Automatic updates
Access to code and DB

Trying it before you buy it? You can do it! Try out Yclas and let us know if you like it

Needing Help? Let us help you!

If you are having technical difficulties, you should check our Hosted Solution. If you still need help, we can help you after you buy our Self-Hosted Pro version which includes 12 months of support. Contact us if you have any doubt!

Need migration from Yclas Cloud?

If you need to migrate Yclas Cloud to Yclas Self-Hosted can be done for $180. More info here. - Hosting company may offer free migration only from self-hosted to self-hosted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install

You need a compatible hosting with apache2, PHP > 7.3 and MySQL.

To install Yclas Self-Hosted Lite please follow this guide.


1 License will work in 1 domain and in all the subdomains. Once the license it's attached to a domain can not be changed.

Licenses are lifetime and will always work, even if you do not renew your subscription.

How to activate license

After installing Yclas Lite, please insert the license sent by email in your panel. That will enable Yclas Pro.

Pro free trial / demo

We do not offer a free trial for Yclas Self-Hosted Pro since we also do not offer refunds. Please you can test all the features using a free trial with our cloud solution at yclas.com, so you can decide before buying.

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