Yclas Self-Hosted

You are a sysadmin and want to host Yclas on a server of your choosing? In that case Yclas Self-Hosted is the perfect solution for you.

Yclas Self-Hosted Lite

  • 100% Free and Open Source
  • Limited Features
  • You install it on your server
  • No support

Yclas Self-Hosted Pro

Popular choice
  • All Yclas Themes
  • All Yclas Features
  • We install it for you
  • 1 Month or 1 Year Pro Support

The benefits of Yclas Self-Hosted

Own webserver

Use your own server or your current web hosting if you have one. Yclas only requires PHP 5.7 Apache 2.2 and MySQL to run.

Total control

You have total control over your server data and installation of Yclas. You are also the responsible for the software to work properly ;)

You're the pro

You can modify anything since you have the source code of the software. You are the PRO!

Code is in your hands

Yclas Self-Hosted Lite is Free Open Source Software (FOSS) available in GitHub and Self-Hosted Pro is Open Source.

Try before you buy? You can! Try out Yclas and let us know if you like it

Need Help? Let us help you!

If you are having technical difficulties you should really check our hosted Solution. If you still need help we can help you after you buy our Self-Hosted Pro version which includes 12 months of support, or if you buy any of our Support Packs available. Yclas Self-Hosted Lite does not have Free support. Contact us if you have any doubts!

Webhost troubles? We can help you find a hosting partner

If you want a reliable hosting to host your Yclas Self-Hosted, we recommend you to check our partner Inmotion Hosting, they offer 100% compatible hosting with SSD + 50% discount from our referral link. We will also give you a discount coupon of $185 if you buy Yclas Self-Hosted Pro.

We can help you find a dedicated server / VPS according to your needs , traffic, resources and we can perform the installation of the stack (LEMP) on your server optimized for Yclas Self-Hosted. Contact us.

Comparison Yclas and Yclas Self-Hosted

Yclas Hosted

  • All Yclas Themes
  • All Yclas Features
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Support 24/7
  • Automatic Backups
  • SSL (depend on plan)
  • Updated weekly
  • No access to code or DB

Yclas Self-Hosted Pro

  • All Yclas Themes
  • All Yclas Features
  • Technical knowledge needed
  • Paid Support (1 Month/1 year on Pro plan)
  • No Automatic Backups
  • SSL (buy separate)
  • No automatic updates
  • Access to code and DB