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For everyone who wants to create an Business or Restaurant Directory like Yelp, Yclas is the perfect tool. As Yclas focuses on a user friendly experience, it is designed for easy usage and suitable for everyone. Not any knowledge about website building is needed. Within a few minutes you can create your own marketplace website using one of the predefined themes for a realty website. Our script comes with all the standard features that you can think of and next to that customized features related to realty are available as well.

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For who is it?

Business directories

Are you the owner of a business directory? Do you want tochange your current software or migrate from paper to online? In that case Yclas might be the perfect solution for you. With Yclas’ business directory software you are able to put your businesses online, without having any knowledge about building websites. There is no need to hire an expensive professional as with Yclas everyone can create a website. Using Yclas enables you to expand your business and attract customers from other parts of the country where you don't reach.

Startups creating a Yelp clone / Tripadvisor clone

For startups who want to create a platform where people can review businesses, restaurants and any kind of establishments Yclas offers endless possibilities. If you want to start a local restaurant guidelist for the city that you are living in but you don’t have any experience building your own website, Yclas may come in handy. In only a few minutes you will have your site online and you can start putting advertisements online. Adapt the looks and style of your website using the different themes that are available. If it doesn’t exactly fit your wants or needs the custom CSS option can be used to change that.

Features (general)

Using Yclas you will have the availability of all the necessary features for creating a successful directory website. The free themes provide you will standard features as creating pages, creating categories, uploading pictures, assigning locations, search, html rich editor, captcha confirmation, reviews, etc. Next to that there is the possibility to purchase premium themes, which offer extra features like social login, responsive design and professional support.

Custom fields (specific for the kind of template)

  • Hours open (list)
    Select open hours of the shop/business/restaurant etc
  • Add website (list)
    Add a website to each ad profile
  • Reviews (list)
    Allow reviews from users
  • Show how pricy a business is (list)
    Show currency symbols to set how pricy a restaurant is: $$$$ 

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