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For anyone who wants to create an online advertising platform for jobs, Yclas is the perfect tool. As Yclas focuses on a user-friendly experience, there is no need for any previous experience or knowledge of website design as it has been built for anyone to use.

Quick and easy to set up

Within a few minutes, you can create your own marketplace using one of the predefined themes specially tailored for a job board. Our software comes with all the standard and customized features you would need to build the perfect job marketplace.


Who’s it for?

Need a job board website? Yclas has the perfect solution for you.

Job agencies

For job agencies that want to put all their available vacancies online and offer a website for online job seekers, Yclas is the best job board software on the market.

Yclas offers an inexpensive solution for companies who don’t have the financial or technical resources to create a website from scratch. With Yclas, it’s easy to develop an online platform where all vacancies listed are displayed online. This will make it possible to reach more potential job searchers and increase revenue.

Online advertisers

For online advertisers who have the ambition to create a marketplace for a particular region or category, Yclas is the perfect tool for you.

With Yclas, anyone can make a platform for posting and searching job vacancies. Do you want to make one for your own city but don’t have the technical skills to make one yourself? Then Yclas can be of great help. Within a few minutes, your job board will be online, and you’ll be ready to start advertising.


Yclas is the perfect tool for professional organizations that have a large database of open positions and want to display them on their website.

With Yclas, you can put all of your open positions online using one of the pre-defined, job-centric themes. Because everything is easy to set up, without any technical expertise, your site will be up and running within minutes. It provides a very cost-efficient way of finding new talent and workers for your organization without the help of external parties.

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Before getting started, try our job board demo and see how it feels.

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We have developed templates with the requirements your job agency needs. Check them out and see if one of them fits your needs.

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