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  • Review & Rating system Review & Rating system
  • Send advanced newsletters Send advanced newsletters
  • Custom banners Custom banners
  • Use your own domain Use your own domain
  • Allows adult content Allows adult content
  • SSL encryption SSL encryption
  • Import of Ads Import of Ads
  • 24/7 Professional support 24/7 Professional support
  • Backups, we got you covered Backups, we got you covered
  • 99% uptime & Unlimited traffic 99% uptime & Unlimited traffic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we accept Paypal and Card as payment method. With Paypal you can use credit cards, and it's available in more than 160 countries world wide ;)

Since 1st January 2015 EU made a major change to its VAT regulations that requires businesses to pay VAT according to the locations of consumers. This was meant mainly for large companies that have been avoiding higher taxes by establishing presences in places with lower VAT. Unfortunately, this also put a burden on independent creators who sell digital products to customers in Europe.

In Yclas we will collect that VAT and register it on our MOSS agency. You do not need to worry about anything. If you are a company registered on the VIES, you can edit your profile and add your EU VAT number and we will not charge VAT if it's a valid registered company.

All our prices are expressed in USD, United States Dollar.

Your plan will be automatically renewed 7 days before expiring, using the same payment method you used with your first purchase. You will be charged the original amount of the product without any coupons applied. We will notify you if we can not charge you in advance so you won't lose any work on your classifieds site. You have 30 days after expiry to renew or you will lose all your data. You can cancel anytime you want your subscription to get renewed from our panel->details (choose your domain )->cancel subscription.

If you want to upgrade your domain to a better plan you can!

Bear in mind that the expire date of your domain will be the date of the purchase + the amount of days that your plan had based on the price of the new plan. We round up ;)

To put it simply: We do not offer refunds.


  1. You can test absolutely for free our services before buying. No one will ever force you.
  2. There's costs from our side when a customer does a chargeback and that we do not want to lose, so please test before buy, it's free!
Please check our updated terms and conditions if you have any further questions.

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