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What is Yclas?

Yclas is a MaaS (marketplace as a service), marketplace website creation platform that creates websites in less than 1 minute. And we're really not exaggerating when saying that it takes less than 1 minute.

You can be as creative as you want with Yclas: modify text, customize fields, add users to help you moderate the website and many more features that are mentioned in our full list of features.

Basically, what you can do with Yclas is creating a website for real-estate, auto or jobs marketplace. Although the SaaS (Software as a service) website is new, the team behind Yclas has been working on developing classifieds sites since 2009 and still are. This means that the developments behind Yclas include every needed feature to run a fully functional marketplace website.

Create a marketplace website with Yclas and let us know what you think! it's pretty easy and it makes your way to your successful online business shorter.

Why Yclas and not another alternative?

Well, basically, there is no other alternative platform on the same level as Yclas regarding functionality, features, and support. Choosing Yclas to create your marketplace website, means you will receive assistance with any technical issues. All the technical problems related to hosting or solving issues on the site are taken care of by the team.

The software is continuously improving; we add improvements instantly to your site without the need to do any manual updates, code or move any files. We've designed the software to be easy to use for everyone regardless of their level of web development.

Why should you purchase a paid plan?

The free version has many features that can get your site ready to operate, but your site will still need your touch to make it successful. We have premium features among many other cool things, like adding your advertisements, premium themes, social login, custom domain and many more.

Looking for investing your time in an online business that can be turned into a cash cow? Now you can do it easily with Yclas.

Our Team

Founder & CTO
Co-Founder - Senior Developer
Juan T
System Administrator
Copy writting & Marketing
Customer care & support
FrontEnd Developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Legal & accountancy

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