Terms and Conditions Update for Yclas Classified and Marketplace Websites; a Fair Usage Limits

March 18th, 2022 | 2 min read


Today 28th January 2020 we have modified the terms and conditions to add a fair usage limit. 

As you know the only limitation we have in the plans is the number of ads you can post on your site. We do not limit the number of visits or data transfer you send us. We will auto scale to cope with the demand, so you never need to worry about your site’s speed.

In the last few months, we saw a huge increase in traffic to our servers. We had a few customers directing traffic to their sites for other purposes than the usage of the site as an actual marketplace. Don't get us wrong, we love that you use the blog, the forum and all of our many top-notch features. However, we have to protect ourselves from this kind of incident. Yclas main focus is to work as a marketplace. If we detect that your site has been used for other purposes and has been generating bad traffic we will contact you.

We will never disable your site or interrupt the traffic without contacting you before trying to solve that problem.

We will still won’t limit or control the number of visits or even the traffic you send us. We do not want you to worry about these limitations so that you can create specific marketing campaigns. We will hold the fort.

By adding this clause we aim to protect ourselves from bad usage and to protect all of you - our customers, preventing any possible downtime that this bad usage may incur. 

You can see our new terms and conditions here.

As always happy to help you!

Chema Yclas Founder ;)

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