5 Tips to Increase the Engagement of Your Marketplace Website

March 19th, 2022 | 2 min read

1- Give a good image of you and your business

Customers do not just follow companies, businesses, or websites. They also follow the people behind such businesses. Take care of both your personal and business image; show that you are reliable by giving close treatment and being consistent.

A very good practice for those of us who have websites is taking care of the outgoing links or the recommendations we make. Why? Because if we promote spam sites, we will be considered as spam as well. Your image also depends on the quality of your content, the offers you make, the way you treat customers, etc.

2- Keep your website updated.

Something new always comes up, that's just how the Internet works, and users are waiting to get relevant information about it all. For this reason, a website that is not constantly updated will look like it's been forgotten or like no one takes care of it anymore. If your website doesn't talk about what's new, the competition will soon steal your customers.

It is recommended that you continually try to update the content you publish and provide incentives for users to be interested in staying in touch with your business.

3- Show you care about your customers

The best strategy is to show interest in your customers. Take the time to look at what they have to say and answer their questions because they will value the attention you give to their concerns. They are also a great source of inspiration for creating content that they find interesting and useful.

Many companies eliminate negative comments or those that express a complaint. The solution is not that but to work to avoid them. We can learn a lot from the opinions of users or customers, so make sure to offer great quality service and allow them to express themselves.

4- Rewards the loyalty of users and customers

Have details in the form of promotions and always be grateful for their trust. You may be surprised that your followers are not just followers, but also your promoters; they are people who recommend your publications, who believe in your offers, who text you to talk about new trends, etc. These must be recognized.

Show them your appreciation so they can continue to trust you and, at the same time, do not stop working on building loyalty among new followers.

5- Make offers according to the product and the moment

Provide the right product or service to the right audience at the right time. It always works to give the customer the product or service at the moment that meets their real or psychological needs. Don't post for yourself, don't write for yourself, work for the client and get the rewards.

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