How Long Until my Classified Website is Successful (or Ecommerce, Marketplace, etc.)

March 18th, 2022 | 3 min read

Dear Yclas users,

Online business is like a traditional business, you need to invest time and money to make it work. Just by creating your website and sitting in front of the computer, waiting for customers to come will NOT drive success towards you!  

But we can assure you that you can do A LOT to improve your traffic, GET MORE engagement and customers!  

You should take every opportunity to optimize your content, improve the quality of your website, and make your customers crave more of what you have to offer! Read more on our blog to get ideas on how to improve your website. 

An online business needs to be nurtured. It is similar to taking care of a child. It requires attention, investments, time, effort and the results are not coming in a day. In fact, the results might not come in months. 

But how long will it take to make money with your classified website?

“Based on our past experience, it took us 2 years to be profitable at and a really big investment that paid off after 5 years.” - Chema, Yclas founder, shares some insides on the topic.  

If you are wondering whether to start an online business then the biggest question you have is ‘how long will it take to make profits?’ There are different factors that can predict how your business will start. Based on many variables you can make assumptions, for example, on the products that you are selling, on your target audience, on advertising & marketing strategies, and much more.  

I hate to break it to you but starting an online business isn’t going to be profitable at the beginning. In fact, you will need to invest your own capital to get things started. It might take up to three months to make a single sale! Patience is a virtue. As Yclas’s story tells you, success doesn’t come as fast as lightning.

If your expectations are to be successful after a few months then prepare for disappointment. It takes a lot more time. How long exactly, no one can tell you.

But rest assured - we did it, our customers are doing it, then so can you!

Unrealistic expectations

Usually, people's expectations are too high. It’s great to know your products’ value and aim for the sky, however, you need to look at the whole picture.

People get unrealistic expectations and believe that having a successful website is easy and quick. It’s easy to get started and to start an online business but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to be profitable and successful. For that, you need to put a lot of TIME, EFFORT, ENERGY, and CAPITAL.

And the result is a success. Just not as quickly and as easily as you thought.

The sooner you realize that results come to those who wait, the closer you’ll be to becoming a success story. Progress will take time, no matter how much you try. But it will come!

Having a successful business doesn’t come without risks. If you are ready to be patient and to put in lots of time, and effort then you’ll see progress.

The psychology behind starting a new business shouldn’t be all focused on making profits. People usually enjoy the process of getting started. You should be happy with what you do. Imagine that you are starting a new job. The excitement when getting out of bed, showering, and going to the new workplace. In the same way, you become overwhelmed with ideas about your new website. You can’t stop thinking of what you can improve. What you do should bring you excitement.  

Yclas provides all the tools you need to create a website but from there on you need to build your business!

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