6 Simple Way to Increase Traffic on Your Classified or Marketplace Website

March 18th, 2022 | 3 min read

Dear Yclas users,

Are you starting your online business? Do you want to get more visitors? Without spending tons of money?

Getting more traffic is a cost-effective way to increase your leads and sales. With that being said, your business will need a good strategy for improving your online presence immediately.

Our team has collected these proven strategies that will increase the traffic on your website without cutting your monthly expenses.  

Simple & free ways to increase your traffic

Lasting Content

Have you heard of the term “evergreen content” Basically, all types of content that don’t go out of fashion, and are ‘considered stable and lasting.

Updating the content on your website, on your blog, or on social platforms can increase your online visibility and improve your ranking on Google. By using embedded links and certain keywords you’ll help your SEO.

Social presence

Even if you’ve created social media profiles and accounts, you can still boost your online presence for free.

Read how to improve your online presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., and start from there. By the way, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional social network which means that you should be active there too!

Be precise and devoted, publish every day and results will appear. It’s simple but nobody said it would be easy!

Another piece of advice - be active on social media. This doesn’t mean that you should create 15 - 20 posts per day but that you can engage in forums and discussions about your field of business.

You don’t need to advertise your brand at all times, however, you should try to engage with readers.  

Responsive & Fast website 

Make sure that your website ( blog or store ) is accessible and easily viewable on any possible device. Optimize your content as much as possible, including your site’s page structure, third parties plugins, image sizes.

Don’t forget that if users can’t get to your site within the first few seconds it’s very likely that they’ll go to your competitor instead.  

Even with basic websites, it’s crucial to have an adaptive and attractive outlook.

Information channels 

  Use your information channels to provide the right info on time. Leave a good impression of you and your website. 

It makes a big difference when your customer knows that they can count on you at any time. Quick turnaround time should be on your list if you want to improve your revenue.


Organization and structures are two essentials for top performers. Your team has to be as considered as possible while doing their so-called ‘discovery call’. They should be able to get a “no” as quickly as possible if there is no need for the product at that moment.

Following the structure - ‘you’re busy, I’m busy, let’s get down to business in an assertive and empathetic tone can do wonders.

Create trust

Create an online community by using email newsletters and strong social media groups and any tools that might help you. Always answer all comments and reviews on your site. Show your audience that there is a real person behind the marketing and that they are heard. People always prefer to buy from other people.

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