Verified profiles for Yclas users


Hello Hello!!

It is time to announce that we have release a new and cool functionality for Yclas users. Verification of users ☑️

Since now, you can allow users to verify their profiles in order to offer more security, trustworthy and professionalism for your platform. Verified users is an old feature that was used commonly in old school forums and websites, but it was popularized by giant social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc..

It is great to avoid scams and of course used and attached to famous and influence people. 

How to enable verified users

Let's see how you can configure it from your admin panel:

  • Login to your admin panel.
  • Go to Users -> User Custom Fields and press New Field.
  • Enter verified badge in the field called name, for the type choose Checkbox and check Searchable. Also, fill the fields Label and Tooltip and press Save.
  • The user custom field is created, you can edit it on Users -> Users by updating a user profile. The verified badge is visible on the verified user ad pages, user profile page and the users list page.

If you need more info, you can contact us as always, but you can also read the full details of how to do it here

What else?

As long as verified users we have released some other functionalities and fix some issues found within the platform and themes. Here is a list of what is new:

  • Improved all themes
  • Improved responsive galleries
  • Improved images quality of thumbs
  • Improved locations deletion
  • Better cache system
  • Email Subscribers panel
  • Fixed issues on checkout of plan
  • Button to cancel subscription
  • Use profile BBCODE
  • Improved import categories and locations

Hope you live this new and improved version of our platform, please share your comments or suggestions below! Contact us if you need help 

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