Email verification to register and more!



Today we have 2 new features, one of them really demanded that have been sponsored by one customer. Thanks.

Also there's new versions of our iOS and Android apps available, you can select location, select multiple images and some stability improvements.

User must verify email

The “User must verify email” option could be useful if you want to require users to verify their email addresses after register.

Follow the steps above to require email verification:

    Login to your Admin Panel.
    Go to Settings -> General.
    User must verify email.
    Click Save.

Give extra ad on mark as sold

With this option enabled, when users mark an ad as sold, they will have one extra ad on their membership.

To enable or disable this option, go to back to Configure -> Addons -> Subscriptions / Memberships -> Give extra ad on mark as sold. You can check the box to enable this feature.

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