Creative Marketing Ideas for Classified or Marketplace Website Startups

March 18th, 2022 | 3 min read

Hi friends,

Maintaining a Startup business is not an easy task but it’s worth it to invest as much time and research as possible. In this week’s blog post, I am sharing with you some useful and creative marketing ideas for a small business. And remember that success comes to those who dare and act!

Virtual Presence

If you already have a website you should consider starting a blog as well. Now, before getting there you have to make sure that your website is more than a few telephone numbers and locations. Your website is one of your most powerful weapons. Keep it updated and post only meaningful content. Use your writing to establish a connection with your visitors. By approaching your audience with creativity and thoughtfulness you will put your brand out there with ease. You can write about your brand, new products and any interesting topic which is relevant to your field.

Social engagement

Focus on establishing a strong media presence by engaging your users. Try to be open-minded and put your ideas on the market. When you have a social media presence you will be able to present your brand and business in any possible way. Many small businesses have at least a Facebook or Twitter account, however, you should take advantage of  Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ to reach a new visitors base as well. Don’t forget that your personal touch of creativity will make your customers feel like there is an actual person behind the marketing.


Notify your customers about upcoming specials and deals. You can send a push notification to get the message across, or you can add it to your newsfeed. Another great idea is to send them holiday greetings. This is an effective way to send a direct message through your app or via email which will boost activity and engagement on your site. It also creates the kind of personal and friendly connection which that modern consumers appreciate.    

Create trust

As a small business, you have the advantage of being more authentic and the opportunity to build relationships with your customers. Create an online community, by using email newsletters and strong social media groups. Don’t leave an unanswered comment or review on your website and blog. Assure your customers that there is an actual person behind the marketing and that they are being heard. Think about starting a loyalty program that gives preference to loyal and repeat customers. Research options, like referral programs that benefit your clients who tell their friends about your brand. Encourage repeat customers to participate in your events, offer them membership discounts and special deals for loyal customers.

New Features

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