The most prominent classified websites in Hawai'i



Today we will focus on the beautiful state, Hawai’i. Hawai’i has a growing economy, an increase in income and tourism. However there is a serious crisis in reference to their wild life, seeing as Hawai’i is the state in USA with the highest rate of endangered species as well as species becoming extinct. 70% of the state’s native bird’s are extinct !

Interesting the word “Aloha”, often used as both “Hello” and “Goodbye”, comes from a Polynesian word “alofa” meaning mercy, compassion and love. Furthermore, the word Hawai’i derived from the Polynesian word “hawaiki” meaning “Place of Gods” or “Homeland”. The Hawaiian King Kamehameha, known for uniting the Hawaiian islands, changed the name to Hawai’i which was originally The Sandwich Islands (named by Captain James Cook in 1778).

Here are a list of the top classified sites within Hawai’i displayed in categories below. If there are sites you are aware of that have not been mentioned, feel free to mention them in your comments.



Real Estate


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