Publish New Sidebar


We have a great new feature available for all our themes. 

A dedicated sidebar for Publish New page. 

How does it work? 
From now on you can go to your panel->appearances->widgets and add new widgets to the publish new sidebar. 
Those widget will only appear in that page. If you do not put any the publish new form will get "full width". 

Why is a good idea? 
If you want a cleaner page that has better conversion, insert explanatory text, rules or any other thing you can imagine ;)

Where are my widgets? 
They are avaliable in all pages, however a specific one is needed for publish new. You are also able to re-add or copy them.

What else you have new?
  • Fixed an error on the locations import tool
  • If your plan has SSL now you can activate it on your subdomain too
  • When you create your site will be already in the language you are browsing
  • Fixed bug with user reviews, which was performing the wrong mathematical operation 

 Hope you like it ;)
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