Yclas Classified and Marketplace New Release | Self Hosted 4.3


Yclas 4.3 it's here

What's new

-    Smartarget. online integration
-    Mollie payment gateway implementation
-    Limit the number of ads per day
-    Resend email verification if not already validated
-    Improved summer note editor
-    Importing locations, alphabetized
-    Improve one-click update reliability
-    Instagram feed
-    And a lot of bug fixes!

How to update https://guides.yclas.com/#/Yclas-self-hosted-installation-how-to-update

PRO users how to update if you have 4.2.0

1- Backup all

2- Login to your Yclas panel

3- replace the following files before proceeding to the next step

        - oc/classes/controller/panel/update.php with yclas/yclas/oc/classes/controller/panel/update.php
        - themes/default/views/oc-panel/pages/update/confirm.php with yclas/yclas/themes/default/views/oc-panel/pages/update/confirm.php

4- Update to 4.3.0 from the panel

5- Go to /oc-panel/theme --> in the bottom of the page download theme, insert your license

If you have an older version than 4.2.0 please follow the manual update.

If your support or updates for PRO have expired please renew directly from your panel.

The Advantages of Yclas Self-hosted Pro:

- Open Source
- 1 Year Support
- Use your server
- All Yclas features
- All Yclas themes
- We install it for you

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