How to Write an Excellent Classified Ad; Want it to be an Eye-Catching Ad

March 19th, 2022 | 3 min read

Hi guys!

In this week’s blog post, we are going to talk about how to write an excellent classified advertisement. I am going to share with you tips and ideas about writing a successful advertisement. 

Firstly, after understanding the purpose of classified advertisements everything comes down to how to create an ad that will get your audience interested. Being seen is of key importance here.

When you place your classified ad in the proper category that will naturally draw an audience of potential customers. Placing your classifieds in the right categories determines a big part of its success and positive outcome. The position of your ad, together with the content of it, are the two major factors you have to focus on.

How to write an excellent classified ad?

Create an eye-catching title

Try to be creative and at the same time specific. Grab the reader’s attention with an interesting title, which they would want to check out. This is a simple strategy, but it’s very productive in the long term. Don’t write too long titles. Use between four and six words if possible.

Be selective

Think about quality instead of quantity. You have to select the most suitable publications for your audience. If you have already decided to place your classified ads in a magazine, newspaper or a classified website now is the time to focus on reaching your potential customers. Think about publishing your ad in the appropriate place, where it is going to reach your target audience. Your ad has to be read by your target audience!

Study the classified section

Don’t forget to do your homework. Always study the classified section. Try to answer questions which will help you in the process, for example, “ How big is the classified section?” or “Who are your competitors?”

Be practical and research everything on your own. I am talking about payment methods, features, like color, headlines in all caps, etc., In general, try to research every option on how to create the most interesting and compelling ad. In order to do this, you have to know the classified section and its features.


Media kit  

You can find Media kits on the actual websites you are aiming for. If you can’t download it from the website you can request one. It is free of charge. The Media Kit contains all of the information about advertising. It includes information which you will probably need. 

Aspects like the cost of different publications, circulation figures, deadlines, and information on the demographics served by the publications.


Define the length of your classified

How many words can you put in your ad? Have in mind, that you have to include only essential and intriguing information in your ad’s description. Remove sentences that don't add to the message. Don’t focus on adding introductions, instead leave only the lines with the strongest selling impact. Shorter is better with classifieds.


Ready to write?

In order to create a successful classified advertisement, you have to write a capturing and long sales message about your product or service. When your message is ready you have to cut it down to size and rewrite it.


Are you ready to start writing? Make a list of all key elements that you should focus on. 

For example, you can include headlines, benefits, offer, call to action, contact information. Always remember to ask the customer where did he saw the advert.


If possible, attach a detailed paragraph that shows how your product or service will help your customers. Maybe it will improve your client's quality of life? Or it will save them some money? 


In conclusion

Creating your great classified advertisements it’s going to be easy if you follow the suggestions above. Don’t forget to review your ad and make sure that all of the key elements are present. Find a classified site on the web with plenty of ads in a category related to your product. Get your classified listed first if possible. If you can’t get your ad published then either change the title of the ad or change the word content and try again. Consider publishing it on another website as well.

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