Evolution of job search solution

  • 16-12-2015
Hello friends,

Find a job in nowadays is very different from the lasts years. With new technologies like Internet, job search evolution offer more opportunities with more precision. job boards and job search engine will help you to find the perfect job, with search tools that are quick and easy to use. You can also define the type of job you are looking for, the location of the job, and other factors. 

The interesting fact and the real difference from before, is that you have in general a wide possibilities of selecting the best job description, and you can get much more details concerning the job in question, the typical profile companies are looking for and also sometimes the salary you will earn. 

In addition, each site has a different set of search options you can use to include certain types of jobs in the search results. So in conclusion, don’t go through only one website and so take your time to check which works best for you.

We select some websites that can help you to find the perfect job for you:

The aggregators are powerful and very useful way to find a job. It includes sites like Indeed.com, a Job-Hunt sponsor, which is the largest source of job postings in the world. SimplyHired shows you a job listing where you can get the job source directly from the link. The aggregators can give you accurate search once you enter the correct Job title, Skills and other specific criterias. The other reason why is interesting to use them, is that you save lot of time. Instead of hopping through different job boards per day, just choose a aggregator that suits you and the rest assured that you have all bases covered. The time you save can be put to good use for the other aspects of your job search.

LinkedIn is a very famous online platform, where you have the possibility to connect your profile including your experiences, and the sector you actually working in order that employers can have an overview of you have done so far.  

Adzuna is a search engine offer thousands of sites and data on the job market in many countries such as Germany, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Brazil. Adzuna also launched in France, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and India.

On the same way, Indeed is a bit like LinkedIn and other job search websites. It provide a job listing search quickly and efficiently. You just need to send your resume and on the other hand you let employers find you. With over 180 million unique visitors every month from over 50 different countries, Indeed has become the catalyst for putting the world to work.
Israeli society DoNanza was founded in 2008 by Ami Dudu, Liran Kotzer and Gil Pal. was acquired by Freelancer due to lack of money. The company also received background over a million dollars of Innovation Fund Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google. The DoNanza technology that was replaced and now works under the Freelancer platform, now operates in more than 247 countries and has over 14.6 million users.

At Yclas you can create your own job board. We have all the necessary to success in the job market. Even we developed and specific theme to create such community, Job Drop.

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