Tips To Select The Correct Domain for Your Marketplace Website + Tools!

March 19th, 2022 | 4 min read

¡Greetings Yclas Friends! This week we share a few tips and tools to choose the correct domain for you and your website.

Choosing your website's domain is as important as choosing your company's name, you'll have to select that one that works and fit what your website will be because it will be your site's identity.

let's start with:

An Easy To Type Domain

Always choose an easy to type and spell domain, that's because your website's visitors will want to be able to write your domain's name without any problems.

You can try this! Ask your friends to spell the domain you have in mind, if they have no problem at all doing it, you're on the right way!

The Domain Length

¡Shorter is better! Think about it, if your domain is long and complex, maybe your visitors mistype it and will end on another website. The common length for a domain is 8 characters, we recommend you to look for a 6-12 characters domain.

Just remember this ¡the shorter, the better!

An easy to type and short domain is equal to an easy-to-remember site! 

Smart Keywords

You have to be very careful at this part, adding a keyword to your domain will help you to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this way you're telling what your website is about, but, using the wrong keyword or location of that keyword will make your website look like a generic site and customers or visitors will pass to the next site.

We recommend using a keyword at the beginning of your domain and being creative, always remember what we talked about above about domain length.

Also, you can use these tools if you need help: Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool.

Stick to letters

Remember the easy to type and easy to spell domain? well, there are a few extra things you have to consider.

We recommend you to never use numbers and hyphens, you can make harder the task for visitors to remember your site's domain, first, the numbers; people won't know if the number goes like this “6” or like this “six”, then, don't use numbers. Even some people think that a website with a hyphen in the domain is a spam site. Please avoid both.

Another thing to consider is the use of double letters, like hyphens and numbers, we recommend avoiding double letters, that's because your traffic loss will increase, people won't know how to write something like “”.

Always use letters, but intelligently!

Domain Extension

When you think about a domain extension, the first you get in mind is the famous “.com”, but there is a variety of domain extensions called TLD (Top Level Domains) with respective meanings, here you have some of them listed:

the famous “.com” (abbreviation of company or commerce)

another one is “.net” (abbreviation of network)

“.org” (abbreviation of organization)

”.biz” (abbreviation of business)

“.info” (abbreviation of informational)

And there are others extensions called Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD), that's because every country has a self country code extension as:

“.nz” for New Zealand

”.uk” for the United Kingdom

“.ca” for Canada

“.es” for Spain

You can even find extensions like ".pizza", ".pool" or ".guru" and this list goes on.

We recommend choosing a “.com” extension if your plan to create a commerce website because people use to think that it is a safe website, and make them more comfortable!

Do you want to make an organization website? go ahead with the “.org”.

If your website will be local and just going to bring services into your country, then, pick a ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain), people in your country will be interested in using your services because they will know they are dealing with a local company.

Use the domain extension which fits perfectly on your website, but, please avoid the “.guru” extensions, people don't feel comfortable with these domain sites.

Research the availability + Domains Generators (Bonus Tool)

Once you have in mind your dreamed domain, you have to be sure that the domain you choose is not being used by another company, or copyrighted, Because you may end with a legal issue that could cost you money and time. You can check the availability of your domain here:



You can use these Domain Name Generator (Bonus Tool)

Name Mesh

Domain Wheel

Lean Domain Search

Places to register a Domain Name (Bonus Tool)

After you have your perfect domain name, short, easy to type, easy to spell, with the correct keyword, the correct extension and not used by other parties or companies, you have to register it, some of the pages we are going to show vary their price and services, you can take a look on every one of them and make your choice:


Google Domains

Go Daddy

For last, in Yclas you can use your domain name, instead of “”. After creating your website you can go to your Site Details, and from there you can click on a button called Custom Domain, then, follow the instructions detailed there.

Follow these tips and you will make a memorable website!


YCLAS team.

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