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It seems like these few days, we've made a lot of changes but is not like that :P

Every week we do 2 or 3 software releases with improvements and bug fixes. If we do not comment on them it's due to them being really small issues.

For this week we have a new cool feature:

Now on the advanced search or search widget you can search by user fields.

This means that if you have created custom fields for users and selected searchable options, clients will be able to filter ads matching what is typed in the search bar.

This can be great for instance in a marketplace. If you had a custom field like hair color, you filter blonde you'll get all the ads published by users who have blonde hair :D

I really like this new feature and I am sure for marketplace job boards etc.. can make a huge difference.

We have also improved our mobile themes and made lots of fixes to them to look better than before.

Hope you enjoy! 

Regards Chema
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