Creating Trust for Your Marketplace Community

March 18th, 2022 | 3 min read

Making your online shopping portal safe for users, including merchants and buyers, is an important part of establishing trust in your new online marketplace. When your company has all of the necessary components in place to earn a user's trust and establish itself as a trustworthy platform, you will make more money.

Both buyers and sellers are apprehensive about dealing with one another. Because they are both vital ingredients, they are indeed essential.

Before building trust within the seller-buyer online, we need to understand first why do customers do not trust the online marketplace and build actions from there. 

The first is having low confidence in selling. Not the way you sell but the way buyers negatively look at your product. It could be the way you display your product online in poor manner products are unorganized. 

Next is providing private information. Lately, there are millions of scams logged on daily basis targeting those poor sites. Lastly, you do not have any contact us page. Customers may lose confidence in your marketplace if they are dissatisfied with your service and criticize it if delivery takes longer than promised.

So how do we give trust to buyers online? 

To begin, you'll need a company that fosters trust. What exactly do I mean? Simply put, your business must deliver on its promises. If you advertise excellent customer service, make it a priority to deliver. Maybe it's offering a 24-hour call center or quick email help.

1. Creating Terms and Conditions

When you start building a marketplace, you must first define your terms and conditions. Privacy disclaimers, shipping expectations, refunds, order processing, restrictions of use, any fees, intellectual property, and more should all be considered by marketplace operators. Customers and sellers on your marketplace will have clear instructions to follow if you explain boundaries in your T&C.

Please see the sample on how you can create Terms of Service page:

2. Reviews

When a client may offer public comment online, this is known as a review. Online reviews offer genuine experiences with individuals interested in engaging with the brand themselves, whether it's remarking on a purchased product or their impression of working with someone. Display reviews and testimonials front and center on your marketplace to build transparency and leverage reviews to your benefit.

3. Contact us page

The responsiveness of a marketplace's customer service establishes its reputation. It listens to clients' problems and responds quickly to their complaints. Customers rely on a stable and well-trained staff of agents to develop confidence in the marketplace. If your customer service team is disorganized, it will be ineffective. Systematic processing is ensured by a well-organized crew. Provide your team with tools for resolving client issues. Some methods for assembling the team include using a shared email and saving responses to frequently asked queries.

4. User Verification

Verifying users benefits everyone: demand-side users gain trust, suppliers don't have to worry about fake users, and the platform isn't harmed by users who join solely to take advantage of it. One of the most efficient techniques of establishing trust in service providers and even buyers is to verify them.

5. CURATE your content carefully. 

To be more particular, you must carefully and properly curate your supply. Content curating is a typical technique for almost all major markets, and it's done to maximize the platform's appeal to users. True, the odd "questionable" listing can still be found on some of these larger platforms, such as Airbnb, but they usually only appear after some digging!

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