Paysbuy integration and user custom fields on publish new


New payment integration.

In this case we present you Paysbuy, which is a payment gateway specially focused for Thailand market.

With Paysbuy you can accept cards, bank transfer, sms and paypal in single integration.

To enable follow this simple steps:

  1. Register at Paysbuy 
  2. Go to you admin panel
  3. Go to settings->payment
  4. Fill your Paysbuy account email
  5. Click save
  6. enjoy ;)

This was a sponsored development, this means a customer paid us to integrate this feature in the software, we gave him a discount in exchange of making this available to all of you. We should thank George ;)

Users custom fields publish new.

Since now in the publish new form your custom fields for users will appear if the user is not logged in, so you can collect in a single form the required info of your user.

Also we have updated the French email templates ;)

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