How to Sell Event Tickets Online from Your Classified Website

March 18th, 2022 | 2 min read

Dear Yclas users,

Great news!

Now you can sell event tickets online from your website!

Our team has created this feature because we are dedicated to improving and offering the best experience to our users. The sell event tickets online option allows sellers to publish an event date to their ads and sell tickets for it!

Customized event marketplace

Calendar view

Sort listing by event

It’s worth it! It saves time, effort and it makes your events visible for every single user on your site! With this amazing feature, users can sort listings by event date, and a Calendar view is available and buy a ticketed event. Now you can create a customized event marketplace. Popular websites, like Eventbrite or cvent, offer to the market and manage events by using the sell event tickets online. It is easy-to-use, powerful, and also increases attendance and engagement on your website. ‘Best deals online event’ or ‘Special offers event’ is one click away!

How to sell event tickets online?  

First, you have to activate the features Buy now Button and Stock control. Next, you have to create an Event Date Custom Field. After activating those features, the seller selects an event date when posting their ad. By clicking on publish new page button your users can select a calendar view. 

After doing that, a potential buyer clicks the Buy Now button and buys a ticketed event. Lastly, a confirmation email is sent to the buyer, which includes the Order ID and Product ID. It’s as simple as that! 

Why it’s worth it? 

This amazing tool offers an incredible experience for your users and also saves time & effort when it comes to creating an event, for example, an auction or a sale. Thanks to this feature your website’s users will keep up with the latest events on your classifieds website. You can create awesome winter sales, or include different types of advertisements in your events to increase your website’s traffic! For example, real estate ads, kids advertisements, vehicles ads, and many more. ‘Special deals event near me’ or ‘upcoming discounts for New Year’ events will boost your traffic and make your website stand out! Increase your revenue with the Sell event tickets online feature.  

This is the perfect feature because it will help you in creating outstanding events for your advertisements. 

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