Fraudlabs PRO Integration for Classified Website Payments

March 18th, 2022 | 1 min read

New stuff rolling!

First of all, we got Fraudlabs integrated, so you can prevent fraud when someone pays via Stripe, 2co, Paymill, or Authorize.

We've been using this service for a few months and works great! , you can start for free here.

  FraudLabs Pro

More stuff:

  • Your users can sort the listing by Favorites, so the ads with more favorites will come first ;)
  • Publish new ad works faster than ever since we resize the image before uploading them
  • You can add text to the contact.html page from the settings
  • Splash now works RTL too
  • Category count now filters by location, so if your users are browsing a location the number of ads that appear on the menu is accurate
Hope you enjoy ;)

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