How to Monitor Website Analytics for Classified Ads

March 18th, 2022 | 3 min read

What is website analytics and how does it help your business? Well, let’s all talk about it in this blog.

Website analytics provide information and statistics that may be utilized to improve the user experience for visitors to a website. You can also use website analytics to accurately track the efficacy of your internet marketing operations and use that information to inform future efforts.

Web analytics is all about marketing campaigns to expand your business, user behavior, search engine optimization, website enhancement, brand monitoring, organic traffic that comes your way and how much of it comes your way, data collecting, and conversion rates, to get into more detail.

Here are some advantages of analyzing your website analytics.

  • Be on track with your marketing campaigns.

By tracking the ups and downs of your marketing campaigns, it will show if your technique has been successful or not. Specially, you can easily identify if the campaign you made has gained your profit. In this way, you should be able to adjust and make your campaign perfectly executed or adjust them.

  • Evaluate your website visitors.

This may be the best advantage you’ll get with analytics. You’ll be able to check the traffic that goes by your website online. You'll be able to identify what pages are being accessed the most, pages that are accessed lesser, or even the countries that are accessing your website and what they are doing to your website. Through this, you should be able to identify the reason for better results and profits.

  • Keep an eye on the bounce rate.

The bounce rate of your website refers to the number of times a person has looked through it or even visited it without engaging with it. If your bounce rate is high, it suggests that your website provides a poor user experience and that the user did not feel the material was appropriate for their needs or what they were looking for. And having a high bounce rate makes it difficult for your firm to perform well in terms of revenue, quality leads, and conversions.

With Yclas, we have integrated Google Analytics for you for your convenience. Why are we using Google Analytics? For one, Google Analytics is one of the most popular and easiest digital analytics software to use. Using GA is free and the collection of data is automated. Aside from being compatible with other external website development like Yclas, you can also customize your report according to your needs.

However, if your website has been created dynamically with Yclas. It is a different story already. Because Yclas made it easy for you. A tab for statistics was made for your convenience. So what does it include with Yclas statistics?

  • The number of ads posted - Refers to the number of ads posted on your website.
  • The number of users signed up - Refers to the number of users who signed up on your website.
  • Number of Visits - Refers to the number of hits who visited your ads, admin visits or owner of the ad does not count.
  • The number of sales made - Refers to the number of sales made from customers' ads on your site.
  • The number of paid orders - Refers to the total of orders paid on your website.
  • The number of customers who contacted - Refers to the number of customers who initiated contact with your website.

Thanks to Yclas for making it easier for our customers. A website's revenue can be increased by supplying statistical data to potential advertisers. A high visitor count not only allows a website admin to charge more for ads, but a statistic indicating that a large percentage of visitors come from a specific geographic location is appealing to a business in that area looking to promote.

We want you to be able to track down all your progress and work on your marketing strategy to have a successful online business.

Not just Analytics, but Yclas is an application that is built with everything you need for your e-commerce. You might want to try it on, sign up now, and enjoy 15 days trial :)

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