How to Make Your Classified Marketplace More Attractive to Buyers

March 18th, 2022 | 2 min read

Every online marketplace starts without anything. Additionally, creating your marketplace has always been a battle in attracting sellers and attracting customers.

One of the most prevalent reasons for a startup's failure is that it chooses a business strategy that does not scale for long-term viability.

So, to get the multivendor e-commerce marketplace magnet for customers—quality merchants, the major unique selling point of those that attract thousands of users every day.

So here are the factors that you need to consider :

Physical Shopfront Grid.

Having the simple grid on your marketplace is fine. However, what happens if you adjust the size of your items?

Order is something that the human brain craves, and shopping online is no exception. Customers look for patterns. Logic. A clear, easy-to-understand method for properly digesting information about your items. As a result, with a clean, structured online storefront, you can assist your clients to locate what they're looking for quickly.

By adjusting the size, helps customers choose the best product they want to buy.

Upload a better product picture.

Uploading a better photo better than your competitor should be successful because you catch their eyes in just the first swipe. Also, make sure that the photos reflect the product in real life. You may have one main image with the best angle and the rest is history.

Lastly, make sure the background blends in and creates attraction to the viewers.

Make interesting descriptions

Pictures may be the first thing the customer sees, but your description always matters. Make it the attention seeker, by explaining why your product is the best, use attractive words and make it short.

Lastly, use words that are related to your product by knowing the buyers.

Create trust.

The evolution of a marketplace's trust mechanism is a process. The mechanism required in the early stages differs from that required once you reach scale. The very first thing you need to have is positive confidence in your customer. Followed by creating specific rules on how it works. The very important thing you need to have a must is a contact page or an email to reach out if they have questions.

Smooth operation is required to build trust in your new online marketplace. It should instill confidence in both buyers and sellers by resolving their issues. They shouldn't be using your marketplace for long periods.

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