Host your email when using Yclas

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In this blog post we are going to talk about hosting custom domain email when using Yclas. As you already know Yclas is not a hosting company, is a service company that offers a software as a service. With our service we offer the software hosted in our servers. The main reason is to offer the fastest solution for our users and the best performance for your site. 

Many of you contacted us to ask about how to change and use a custom domain, here you can see how to do it. But, what about using the custom domain email?

With the following steps is very easy to do it, please read carefully and start using your custom domain email with Zoho:

By using Zoho mail, you can send and receive emails associated with your domain.

To setup Zoho Mail, follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose your plan
  2. Enter your domain name and click “Add Domain”.
  3. Create your account and verify your existing contact email address.
  4. Verify your domain following one of these ways:

    • Add CNAME record
    • Add TXT record
    • Upload an HTML file

    Find more about this step here.

  5. Add Users: To add users, go to your Dashboard on Zoho Mail, click “User Details” on the left menu and then choose “Add Users” on the top menu.

Now you are able to send and receive email with your custom domain. For more help with settings in your Zoho account you can visit their documentation.

if you have any doubt you can always contact us via support tickets, using our forums or sending an email to we really love to help you!

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